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North America Competitiveness Initiative

The George W. Bush Institute believes that the key to America’s prosperity is open global markets for trade and investment driven by consumers making economic choices. 

Increased economic integration among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico will strengthen the U.S. economy, create opportunity across the continent, enable the U.S. to better compete, and ultimately improve the global economy.

Core Components

  • The Bush Institute built the North America Competitiveness Scorecard to compare the competitive positions of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in the global economy.

    The Scorecard benchmarks North America’s performance in international rankings on issues like business climate, innovation, openness to trade, and good governance against the performance of other major countries and trade groupings.
  • A number of factors uniquely central to North American competitiveness are not assessed by traditional indices, in particular energy markets, border infrastructure and human capital development.

    The North America Competitiveness Initiative convenes eminent experts in these topics from business, government, and academia from across North America for a focused discussion of these topics.


North America scores a B+ on the Bush Institute Economic Competitiveness Scorecard. Together, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. outperform the world’s other major regions—including the EU, Mercosur, APEC, and the Pacific Alliance.

In the Spotlight: The North America Competitiveness Scorecard

Public debate often misunderstands the benefits and opportunities of North American global economic integration. To lead in the 21st century, we must look objectively at our strengths and weaknesses and work with our neighbors to stay ahead. As all three countries grow and improve, North America will become an even stronger economic force – and the U.S. a more prosperous society.

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The U.S. scores an A on the Bush Institute Economic Competitiveness Scorecard. The U.S. excels in multiple areas, but must improve its fiscal responsibility, reduce its relative indebtedness, and restore confidence in its long-term macroeconomic outlook.