Education Reform initiatives at the George W. Bush Institute work to increase student achievement and quality schools for every child through efforts focused on accountability, principal leadership, and middle schools transformation. 

Advancing Accountability

Advancing Accountability at the Bush Institute showcases data and the need for strong accountability in education as well as two critically important accountability tools for parents, policymakers, state leaders and the public  – annual, comparable, objective assessments and transparency of information.

The Big Idea of School Accountability provides the long history of our nation’s reform efforts.This idea came to be known as school accountability, and it was built around three principles: Creating rigorous academic standards, measuring student progress against those standards, and attaching some consequence to the results.

The Mayors’ Report Card is a starting point for compiling available data from multiple sources, understanding what is found in the data, and helping inform mayors, city leaders, the public and policymakers about what is needed to help prepare all students for success in college and the workforce. The Global Report Card provides parents and the public with information that allows them to compare their school district with schools across the world.

The Alliance to Reform Education Leadership

School principals are an integral part of the education workforce and as leaders, principals are uniquely positioned to improve schools and help to increase student achievement.  The Alliance to Reform Education Leadership partners with nationally-known research organizations to generate new and rigorous research to advance the knowledge base in the field of education leadership.  

Middle School Matters

Education researchers and educators both say the middle grades are often forgotten, but it is a key point to ensure students are prepared for high school and post-secondary success. Middle School Matters connects proven research with the classroom by providing middle school teachers and campus and district leaders with proven, research-based teaching strategies to increase student achievement and data systems to identify students at-risk of dropping out.

Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries

As a restricted fund of the Bush Center, the George W. Bush Institute is proud to support the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries – which provides library grants to our nation’s neediest schools to expand, update, and diversify their book and print collections to help students continue to develop a love of reading and learning.

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