The Bush Institute Education Reform effort works to increase student achievement through accountability, school leadership, and middle school transformation.

Advancing Accountability

Advancing Accountability advocates for strong accountability systems that promote student learning.  The Global Report Card provides parents with information that allows them to compare their school district with schools across the world.

The Alliance to Reform Education Leadership

School principals are an integral part of the education workforce and as leaders, principals are uniquely positioned to improve schools.  This initiative is building a network of principal training programs and highlighting policies that allow principals to become effective leaders.  One goal of this initiative is to focus national, state and local reform efforts on leadership, because strong principals can help improve schools. 

Middle School Matters

Many students who drop out of high school do so because they failed to gain the skills they needed in middle school. This initiative focuses on improving middle school instruction so students will be able to stay in school and earn a high school diploma.

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