Supporting Freedom


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine constitutes the gravest security crisis on the European continent since World War II. It's critical we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine against this threat to freedom worldwide.

“The American government and people must stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as they seek freedom and the right to choose their own future. We cannot tolerate the authoritarian bullying and danger that Putin poses. Ukraine is our friend and democratic ally and deserves our full support during this most difficult time.” – President George W. Bush

Following Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack against Ukraine, the international community rallied in support of Ukraine and near-universally condemned Putin’s actions. As the war continues to wage on the European continent, we must ensure that we do not back down in our support for Ukraine, but instead ramp up our military assistance, maintain tight sanctions, and support for Ukraine, so that Ukraine wins this war.

The suffering and death of Ukrainians will only come to an end on the defeat the invading Russian forces in this battle. The United States must continue its leadership in support of the freedom of the Ukrainian people.