Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries

Providing grants to school libraries to expand, diversify, and update their collections.

Laura Bush reading to a group of children at the Bush Center.

“Once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are always open.”
– Mrs. Laura Bush

Studies show that the quality of a school library has a major impact on reading scores and academic success. A former librarian and teacher, Mrs. Laura Bush understands that limited financial resources often result in school leaders placing a lower priority on their libraries. The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries provides grants to low-income schools, allowing them to expand, update, and diversify their book and print collections.

In May 2022, the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries awarded $1.5 million in library grants to 300 school libraries from 44 states across the country. Many of the libraries used the funds to modernize and diversify their collections.

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