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Civility and Our Democratic Institutions

Supporting our nation's institutions and reasserting the value of civic participation and civility.

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“The health of the democratic spirit itself is at issue. And the renewal of that spirit is the urgent task at hand.” – President George W. Bush, October 19, 2017

The Bush Institute is identifying ideas and actions that strengthen democracy including civics education, trust in democratic institutions, and citizenship. Our experts provide thought leadership and recommendations on how democracies can ensure the reliable flow of information.

Presidential Centers affirm that “democracy holds us together”

The George W. Bush Presidential Center is joined by fellow presidential centers and foundations to reaffirm our commitment to the democratic values on which this country was founded.

As we constantly strive toward a more perfect union, it is important to recognize inherent human dignity, foster conditions for liberty, advance equality, and promote the general welfare of the United States.  When united by our founding ideals, Americans should reaffirm the importance of democratic values, civic responsibility, civility, and a pluralistic society.

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of Americans believe our democracy is getting weaker.


of Americans identified misinformation as a problem when they’re trying to access important information.


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David J. Kramer

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