Two-Minute Take: Ensuring economic opportunity for veterans

Learn more about Col. Matthew F. Amidon, USMCR.
Col. Matthew F. Amidon, USMCR
Former Director, Veterans and Military Families
George W. Bush Institute

Col. Matthew F. Amidon, Director of Veterans and Military Families at the Bush Institute, discusses how veterans who have transitioned to civilian life are trained leaders who are ready to enter into the workforce, but states need to do better at supporting their skill-sets to welcome them into meaningful employment and education

More than 200,000 military service members return to civilian life each year. Some veterans and military families face challenges during their transition. Read more of Col. Amidon’s policy recommendations and priorities for state and local leaders who can influence smoother transitions for veterans and their families by creating easier pathways to education, career licensing and more.