Two-Minute Take: Five reading recommendations from the National Council on Teacher Quality

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Anne Wicks
Don Evans Family Managing Director, Opportunity and Democracy
George W. Bush Institute

“One of the issues we care deeply about at the Bush Institute is reading and whether or not kids around the country are receiving research-based reading instruction,” said Anne Wicks.

In this Two-Minute Take, Anne Wicks, the Ann Kimball Johnson Director of Education and Opportunity at the George W. Bush Institute, discusses the importance of teaching students to read using methods backed by science and policy recommendations from the just-published National Council on Teacher Quality Report on how to train teachers to do this effectively.

Deepen your understanding of policy actions to strengthen the science of reading by viewing the National Council on Teacher Quality Report. And dive into the uneven journey of reading policy in Texas in the Reading Series by Wicks and William McKenzie, Senior Editorial Advisor at the Bush Institute.