The Catalyst Explores Solutions to Problems Around the Globe — After Hours Roundtable

The Strategerist Podcast

Problems and pessimism tend to overwhelm the daily news cycle. What gets less attention are the incredible solutions governments and organizations have devised to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

That’s why Senior Fellow and Editor-in-Chief of The Catalyst: A Journal of Ideas from the Bush Institute Jonathan Tepperman set out to release an issue dedicated entirely to exploring solutions to problems around the globe called The Fix.  

The Bush Institute’s Chris Walsh and Hannah Johnson authored pieces for the issue, and they joined Jonathan and host Andrew Kaufmann to discuss success stories and the lessons we can all learn on working across divisions — and even what we can learn from the Barbie movie on this episode of The Strategerist After Hours presented by the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  

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Learn more about Jonathan Tepperman.
Jonathan Tepperman
Jonathan Tepperman
Editor-in-Chief of The Catalyst and Senior Fellow
George W. Bush Institute
Learn more about Chris Walsh.
Chris Walsh
Director, Freedom and Democracy
George W. Bush Institute
Learn more about Hannah Johnson.
Hannah Johnson
Program Manager, Global Health
George W. Bush Institute
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Andrew Kaufmann
Director, Communications and Marketing
George W. Bush Presidential Center