The 4% Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs

An exploration of the ambitious goal of sustainable GDP growth of 4%

The United States is reaching a pivotal point in its economic history. Millions of Americans owe more on their homes than they are worth, long-term unemployment is alarmingly high, and the Congressional Budget Office is projecting a sustainable growth rate of only 2.3%—a full percentage point below the average for the past sixty years. Unless a turnaround comes quickly, the United States could be mired in debt for years to come and millions of Americans will be pushed to the sidelines of the economy. 
The 4% Solution offers clear and unflinching ideas on how to revive America’s economy. It sets a positive economic goal and asks some of the top economic minds on how to achieve it. With a focus on removing government constraints, The 4% Solution defines the policies that will allow Americans to save, invest, and create the jobs that the United States needs.

The 4% Solution draws on the best minds in the business, including Nobel laureates and other leading thinkers:


    • Robert Lucas on the history and future of economic growth.


    • Edward Prescott on how government spending programs can hurt the economy.


    • Myron Scholes on why innovation is crucial.


    • Gary Becker on why our economy will continue to need immigrants.


    • Vernon Smith and Steven Gjerstad on how the housing market impacts the broader economy.


    • Amity Shlaes on growth lessons from President Calvin Coolidge.


    • Steven Hayward and Kenneth Green on how the U.S.’s own energy reserves can ignite an economic boom.


    • Kevin Hassett on spending, taxes and a roadmap to 4% growth.