Responding to the Warfare of the 21st Century

GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio discusses disinformation campaigns and cyber warfare as a national security issue, how well the United States is responding to them, and how information warfare is impacting other regions of the world.

Senator Rob Portman sits on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, where the Ohio Republican has become an advocate for a modern, coordinated, and efficient response to disinformation campaigns and cyberattacks against the United States. He has worked across party lines to achieve that goal, too, sponsoring legislation with Democratic Senators Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Gary Peters of Michigan.

In this video interview with Chris Walsh, Senior Program Manager in the Human Freedom Initiative at the Bush Institute, and William McKenzie, Senior Editorial Advisor at the Bush Institute, the legislator discusses disinformation campaigns and cyberattacks as a national security issue for the United States. Portman, also a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, assesses how well the U.S. government is responding to those campaigns. And he details their impact in other places as well, such as Eastern and Central Europe.