Photos from the Frontlines: Scenes From Burma

Burma flag.

Our Liberty and Leadership Scholars are currently living through the dangerous military coup in Burma. We asked them to share photos with us of what they are seeing. Take a look.

“This was seen momentarily on overpass bridge.”


“They are from Chin State, the father prayed for his sons, who are going to fight back military forces…now is the time to fight back whatever we can do, to end this dictatorship.”


“People were very creative at messaging. People were very peaceful at start.”


“Happy Easter Day. We had our Easter egg strike day.”


“This picture was taken on Feb 17th, 2021 at Sule, Yangon. I am hopeful for my country as I see people raise their voices and speak out. Now, I am counting dead bodies and waiting for my turn. I am afraid but will keep moving forward till we are truly free.”