Dallas Morning News: Now is time to be citizens, not spectators

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Kenneth A. Hersh
Ken Hersh
President and Chief Executive Officer
George W. Bush Presidential Center

In a Dallas Morning News op-ed, Ken Hersh, President and CEO of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, urges all Americans to commit to solutions and “act big in small ways” for the future of our democracy.

“President George W. Bush implored Americans to be “citizens, not spectators” in his first inaugural address. In that capacity, we have an obligation to get involved. On March 17, the Dallas Morning News published “A survival guide for a moderate conservative,” in which I suggested that we all become policy venture capitalists at times of great need.

“Now is that time.

“We find ourselves living in a divided country, full of well-documented acrimony. At the heart of this division lies a set of issues that are quite fundamental. How will our freedoms be balanced against other national priorities? How will we relate to ever-changing technology? What is the proper role of government in our lives? What will be our role in the world?

“These are heady questions that will not be resolved quickly. If the problems were easy, they would have already been solved, and this is not the first time our nation has confronted seemingly intractable choices.”

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