Martha Washington & Katharine Pittman -- The First First Lady and the Nation Builder Who Portrays Her

The Strategerist Podcast

The George W. Bush Presidential Center recently welcomed a very special guest: the first first lady of the United States, Martha Washington.

Mrs. Washington shaped our country and the role of the first lady in the 18th century. The Nation Builders at Colonial Williamsburg, like Katharine Pittman – who was actually here portraying Mrs. Washington – work to ensure her impact and those of other key historical figures live on today through engaging, well-researched, and historically accurate experiences.

Host Andrew Kaufmann spoke with Katharine who, as Mrs. Washington, talked about her experience as the first lady in a newly formed country, the hardships and joys that come with public service, and her important role in post-Revolutionary War politics.

We also discuss Katharine’s passion for history and her journey to becoming a Nation Builder at Colonial Williamsburg on this episode of The Strategerist, presented by the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

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