ICYMI: Mrs. Bush Gives Media Preview at First Ladies: Style of Influence Exhibit

Mrs. Bush appeared on Fox News and NBC 5 DFW, as well as in The Dallas Morning News.

On February 28, Mrs. Bush gave media a preview tour of the new Bush Center exhibit, First Ladies: Style of Influence, before it officially opened to the public.

The exhibit, based on Bush Institute research report A Role Without a Rulebook, guides visitors through the overlapping modalities through which first ladies exert influence as hostesses, teammates, champions, and policy advocates.

Mrs. Bush discussed with media how September 11 instilled a calling to advocate for Afghan women and children; how she learned valuable lessons from her mother-in-law, Mrs. Barbara Bush; and how first ladies have made a significant impact throughout our country’s history, among other topics.

Mrs. Bush first spoke with Fox News Channel’s Casey Stegall. Read the full story: New exhibit at Bush Center examining role of first ladies.

Mrs. Bush then spoke with NBC5’s Meredith Land. Read the full story: The Bush Center Looks at First Ladies Through the Years.

Lastly, Mrs. Bush spoke with Dallas Morning News’ Claire Ballor (video at top). Read the full story: For Laura Bush, celebrating the accomplishments of first ladies is always in style.

The exhibit is open until October 1. Come see it for yourself!