Freakonomics: Why Is Everyone Moving to Dallas?

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Ioanna Papas
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Dallas-Fort Worth will soon overtake Chicago as the third-biggest metro in the U.S., and Freakonomics Host Stephen Dubner got on a plane to find out why.

An article in City Journal called  “Big D Is a Big Deal” by Cullum Clark and Joel Kotkin, caught the attention of Freakonomics host Stephen Dunbar. In the article, the authors wrote that more Americans had moved to the Dallas–Fort Worth metro area over the past decade than anywhere else in the U.S. In another decade or so, the area will reach 10 million people, surpassing Chicago as the country’s third-largest metro area.

Dunbar, who had visited Dallas a few times, never thought the metro could be “the de facto capital of America’s heartland,” as the authors wrote in their article So, he called up Clark and ended up making a trip to Dallas. 

Join Dunbar and Clark as they explore the metroplex and what makes it unique. Clark shares insights into what Dallas is doing right and what it can improve on. He also notes that many metros across the U.S. are  “…imitating Dallas–Fort Worth….”