A Framework for Principal Talent Management

Best practices for attracting, supporting, & retaining effective principals

Talented leaders are essential to building and sustaining successful organizations. This is especially true for schools, where principal leadership plays a major role in fostering student success. Research shows that principals are a significant school-level factor affecting student achievement, second only to classroom teachers. Like other types of leaders, great principals recruit and retain the best talent (teachers), set ambitious visions for their buildings, and create a culture of collaboration and constant improvement. Because of this, it is critical that school districts implement policies and practices aligned with a coherent system of principal talent management, enabling them to attract and retain the most effective principals.

This Principal Talent Management (PTM) Framework is a guide to help school district leaders and policymakers understand the fundamental components and the interconnectivity of effective PTM systems. As such, the Framework is intended to support efforts to strengthen the policies and practices districts use in a holistic effort to attract, support, and retain the best principals.