Food for thought: Five articles to read on pluralism

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Chris Walsh
Director, Freedom and Democracy
George W. Bush Institute

Chris Walsh, Director of Freedom and Democracy at the Bush Institute, recommends pluralism must-reads.

We hope you’ve taken The Pluralism Challenge and it has you thinking more about what a big deal pluralism is to a strong, healthy democracy. We want to share five articles on pluralism that provide good food for thought. Enjoy reading them! 

1. Federalist Papers No. 10 by James Madison  

Arguably the most famous Federalist Papers essay, Founding Father James Madison makes his case for political pluralism.  

2. “James Madison’s vison of pluralism” – Sarah Longwell interviews David French 

The Bulwark’s Sarah Longwell, interviews columnist David French from The New York Times. French expounds on Madison’s view of how pluralism allows different communities to live together.  

3. “Our culture of contempt” by Arthur Brooks 

Writing in The New York Times, Arthur Brooks, William Henry Bloomberg Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School, and former President of the American Enterprise Institute, describes what he calls the “culture of contempt” that is dividing American society and outlines a strategy for resolving it.  

4. “When it comes to nurturing pluralism, the secret is serving others” by Eboo Patel  

Writing in Deseret News, Eboo Patel, President of Interfaith America, reflects on how faith community institutions can teach us about the intersection of pluralism and serving others.  

5. “Let’s be with each other even if we don’t agree with each other” by Sarah Cotton Nelson 

Writing in the Dallas Morning News, Sarah Cotton Nelson, consultant and founder of High Flying Strategy, discusses how personal interactions within her faith community have helped her better understand different points of view and made her more resilient to polarization.