Financial Times: Texas lures business despite cultural divisions

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Ioanna Papas
Director, Communications
George W. Bush Institute

The Bush Institute's Cullum Clark chatted with the Financial Times about Texas' booming growth.

Big businesses are being lured to Texas with the promise of low taxes. However, the state is increasingly becoming culturally divided having some wonder if it will impact the growth.

Cullum Clark, Director of the Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative, told the Financial Times, “The evidence of people and businesses voting with their feet is that the positives of the state’s economic policies seem to be outweighing the perceived negatives from some of the social issues. But it’s a story that hasn’t been fully written yet.” 

The state’s economy has rebounded more quickly than other states due to large– and small– businesses moving to Texas. But state politics have recently been center stage and may impact which companies decide to call Texas home.

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