Exciting Commitments to Women and Girls Made at the African First Ladies Conference

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Hannah Abney
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Yesterday marked the conclusion of the Bush Institute's African First Ladies Summit, but as we reflect on a productive and exciting two days,...

Yesterday marked the conclusion of the Bush Institute's African First Ladies Summit, but as we reflect on a productive and exciting two days, we wanted to be sure to highlight the terrific committments made by Summit participants who work daily to improve the lives of women and girls around the world.

  • The ExxonMobil Foundation and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women announced Business Women, a new mobile phone technology program for women entrepreneurs in Tanzania that assists women in overcoming barriers to scaling up their businesses by providing essential business tips via their mobile device. 
  •  Farm Radio International launched “Her Farm Radio,” an initiative that will work with radio stations in Africa to develop new programs ideally suited to meet the needs of women farmers. 
  •  Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is expanding into Tanzania, and our partners are continuing the commitment to fight against cervical and breast cancer on this continent.
    • PEPFAR is committing $3 million dollars to the initiative in Tanzania to expand the screening and treatment of women with cervical cancer, and as part of this commitment,  delivered 16 new cryotherapy machines to the country this week.  
    • UNAIDS announced that they will spend $100,000 over three years to help promote the engagement of women living with HIV to ensure that HIV and cervical cancer services are a part of a comprehensive approach to women’s health and to help decrease the stigma and discrimination that has often proven to be a barrier to women accessing the care and support they require.
    • Merck and Komen announced a partnership to commit $500,000 for HPV vaccination sensitization and awareness. Merck has donated two cryotherapy machines to Jhpiego-Tanzania, a Ministry of Health and Social Welfare partner, to help scale-up cervical cancer screening in the country. They have also provided two loop electrosurgical excision procedure machines to Tanzania Health Promotion Support, to provide advanced treatment to women with cervical lesions in Tanzania.
    •  The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, through its Secure the Future® Program, will designate $1.2 million over the next three years to Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon in Tanzania through the deployment of Technical Assistance Teams to assist with community outreach and mobilization, along with community systems strengthening.
  •  World Vision launched its “Strong Women, Strong World” campaign, which over a five-year period  aims to raise $35 million for projects in 14 African countries to address the very important issues of maternal and child health; water, sanitation and hygiene; education and leadership development; entrepreneurship; and education and advocacy justice.