Democracy and Human Rights: America's Leadership Matters

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Nicole Bibbins Sedaca
Kelly and David Pfeil Fellow
George W. Bush Institute

Supporting democracy and human rights at home and worldwide requires a comprehensive, multistakeholder approach that reaffirms America’s commitment to global leadership and democratic ideals.

Throughout the world, democracy is under threat from populist leaders, growing distrust in government, and illiberal forces. The United States faced its own test on January 6th when radical insurgents stormed the United States Capitol. Despite these threats, democracy remains the best system to protect civil liberties and minority rights, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and stable investment conditions, foster political institutions that promote good governance and the rule of law, and enshrine nonviolent mechanisms for addressing society’s challenges. As we see at home and abroad, the best way to deal with undemocratic forces and illiberal values is with healthy, resilient democratic institutions and an unwavering commitment to the rule of law and protection of liberal values. As we strengthen democracy at home, U.S. leadership is needed to support democracy and human rights around the globe, as well as to bolster democratic institutions and values that are essential to American prosperity and a better world. Our domestic challenges do not lessen this responsibility; rather they illustrate how we must all work together to strengthen the governing system that has proven most effective in providing stability and prosperity.