Dallas Morning News: A survival guide for a moderate conservative

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Kenneth A. Hersh
Ken Hersh
President and Chief Executive Officer
George W. Bush Presidential Center

Ken Hersh, George W. Bush Presidential Center President and CEO, shares how he’s navigating this election season and what we can all do to stay positive and engaged for the advancement of our democracy.

“I have to admit to feeling politically homeless this election cycle.

“I know that I’m not alone. We are heading toward a presidential contest between two individuals whom nearly 70% of the country does not want. This at a time when the ultimate victor will lead a world that has as much risk as any point in the past 70 years.

“I’m a Bush-era compassionate conservative who believes in fiscal restraint and social tolerance. I favor policies leading to less government dependency, economic freedom supported by market capitalism, fair trade and global engagement. That apparently makes me a “political exile” at this point in our history.

“So, I’ve come up with a guide for the like-minded to stay positive, move the country forward and advance our democracy during this election season and the next administration.”

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