Impact: A 10-Year Perspective of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Since our opening, we have been a place where the values of President and Mrs. Bush have thrived – freedom, opportunity, accountability, and compassion.

We’re pleased to report that our impact has been incredible. A new study commissioned in honor of our 10th anniversary shows that our economic impact has been significant – to the tune of $2 billion – thanks to our operations, the visitors we attract, and the jobs we’ve supported.

We’ve welcomed close to 2 million visitors to the George W. Bush Presidential Museum, where they’ve had the opportunity to see our permanent exhibit, which illuminates the consequential times in which President Bush served and how we can continue to grow as a democratic country. Plus, visitors have experienced special exhibits on topics ranging from immigration, the impact of first ladies, humor and the presidency, and the contributions of our veterans.

We have led impactful conversations from our stage featuring heavyweights such as Bono, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates, and former United States Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, James A. Baker III, and Condoleezza Rice. We’re proud of the George W. Bush Institute’s efforts to recommend sound policies that will lead our Nation into a bright future; our work to help veterans transition to full, productive civilian lives; and the impact that our leadership programming alumni are making in their communities.

Of course, we can quantify our economic impact here in North Texas, but as important is the qualitative impact that the Bush Institute has had in promoting sound policies to ensure opportunity for all, strengthen our democracy, and advance free societies around the world.

We are so grateful for the phenomenal level of support that we’ve received from the community, SMU, and local leaders as we strive to promote President and Mrs. Bush’s vision for the Bush Center.

The generous support of our home city has created a wonderful springboard for our work to ensure opportunity for all, advance free societies, and strengthen democracy, both at home and around the world. So, once again, thank you!

— Ken Hersh; President and CEO, George W. Bush Presidential Center

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