Ambassador Mark Green -- The Wilson Center, U.S. Foreign Aid, & Healthy Disagreement

The Strategerist Podcast

Ambassador Mark Green serves as President, Director, and CEO of the Wilson Center — a nonpartisan organization that provides research, analysis, and independent scholarship on global affairs.

Before leading the Wilson Center, his distinguished career in public policy included key roles at USAID, the International Republican Institute, the McCain Institute, and four terms as a U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 8th District. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation during both the Obama and Trump Administrations.

Ambassador Green joined host Andrew Kaufmann and the Bush Center’s Bill McKenzie at the Forum on Leadership to discuss the mission of the Wilson Center, the positive impact of U.S. foreign aid both at home and abroad, and the importance of healthy disagreement.

Hear more from Ambassador Green on this episode of The Strategerist, presented by the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

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