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The Bush Institute releases new policy recommendations to the Biden Administration, Congress, and state and local policymakers

Policy briefs include recommendations on supporting Ukraine, immigration, the advancement of women living under authoritarian regimes, and strengthening education.

DALLAS, TEXAS —Today, the George W. Bush Institute released specific recommendations and short analyses on international and domestic policy challenges facing the Biden Administration, Congress, and state and local policymakers. The policy briefs provide thoughtful and effective insights on topics including immigration, combatting kleptocracy and disinformation, putting our students on the path to future success, and the health and development of people around the world – particularly in places like sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. 

Read the policy recommendations: 

“The 118th Congress convened this month during a time of turmoil and tumult both in our Nation and the world,” said David J. Kramer, Executive Director of the Bush Institute. “Our lawmakers will be tackling critical challenges on a range of issues, and we’ve outlined a series of briefs to help guide their way forward. These briefs focus on ensuring opportunities for all Americans, strengthening our democracy, and advancing free societies.”   

International recommendations from Bush Institute experts include: 

  • Encouraging continued and increased support for Ukraine by the United States and its allies. 
  • Urging democracies around the world to counter corruption and kleptocracy. 
  • Supporting the advancement of women, particularly those living under authoritarian regimes. 
  • Building on U.S. global health engagement especially through the renewal of PEPFAR. 

Domestic strategy recommendations from Bush Institute experts include: 

  • Addressing the refugee crisis in the Western Hemisphere and reform immigration laws. 
  • Improving education outcomes through the effective distribution of Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant funds. 
  • Streamlining the process for veterans to obtain civilian professional licenses and credentials. 
  • Combating disinformation and supporting independent journalism. 

Bush Institute experts are available for interviews to discuss the new policy recommendations.  



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