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Interviews with Zin Mar Aung

Interviewed December 10, 2023

For getting to nonviolence movement, it might take time, but it also needs the mental courage and also it will give for the future if we will win, it will give, you know, a good example for our society and for our generation, because when people do not have the, you know, the physical power like the military or the regime, the only thing is, you know, we realize that we citizens have our own rights, you know, to get our government – to get the right to choose our government.

So, that is what we believe. And if we used the violence will, so, you know, we might be wrong. So the only – the nonviolence actions and movement might help. And, you know, also the nonviolence movement is only for the people who have strong mentality, so that is what I believe in – that I engage in.