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Interviews with Sihem Bensedrine

Interviewed December 10, 2023

It was of course for me it´s nothing. But around me, because my children were at the time teenagers it was not acceptable to them to read in the newspaper their mother is a prostitute.

It also something affected me because it was done repeatedly, a lot of times, a lot of campaigns against me with these kinds of accusations. And they used also a lot of tools like deprivation from passport during six years, deprivation from job. My– I was a journalist then. I didn´t have any newspaper where I can write. Then I decided to found a publishing house.

They closed down my publishing house. They also prevented my husband to get a job, to continue his work. They put him in house arrest during two years in order not to let this family have any kind of income and not be able to travel abroad in order to have a job, not inside the country, not outside. And it was really, really difficult to us during these six year where we are not able to have a job, because they are arresting people who accept to employ us.

And, you know– I come to a place. They accepted my application. And the day after, they call me, “Please– please do not come. We received a visit. And you understand. You can understand.” Of course I understand. And it was every time, every time. No one place I applied and they didn´t receive the Secret Police just after my visit. And they prevented them to employ me.