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Freedom Collection

Interviews with Shin Dong-hyuk

Interviewed March 4, 2024

In the political prison camp, there was no concept of freedom or what the word freedom was, so for me I did not even think about what freedom was.

Simply put, [in the camp] freedom was the ability to eat whatever I wanted. The choice that I have, the freedom that I have to not eat food that doesn´t taste good, but to eat whatever tastes delicious.

Freedom is the ability to choose.

There is no source of freedom in the sense that we are all human beings created with freedom within ourselves, within our DNA.

It is just that, for some people, their environment prevents them from being able to express what freedom is.

I believe that human freedom is a universal right. There are some dictators that would starve their citizens and deny what is in every person´s soul and DNA: Freedom.

Whether one is African, American, Asian or whether one is disabled or whatever, there should be no laws that would deny anyone, anywhere in the world that universal right to human freedom.