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Interviews with Shin Dong-hyuk

Interviewed March 4, 2024

One way that North Korean defectors help other North Korean people, is if the defector still has parents inside North Korea the defector will work very hard, save money, and through intermediaries, send money to North Korea to try and extract them from North Korea and bring them to South Korea to freedom.

Other defectors will work, save money, and send money to North Korea to support other relatives and siblings.

I was born in North Korea so that is the only reason why I suffered what I suffered. If I was born in the USA or [South] Korea, I would not be talking about this, obviously.

But, we are all human beings whether one comes from North Korea, or the US, or anywhere else in the world. We all have two ears, two eyes, and we all look the same.

Human beings can feel compassion for sick animals, and would want to take care of them.

But if human beings look at another suffering person and ignore them, then we have no conscience at all for not caring about our fellow human beings.

So I think from that perspective, we must look at the situation in North Korea.

There are many NGOs and organizations that are involved with North Korean human rights.

For example, many groups rescue defectors and refugees, and resettle them in freedom in South Korea, the US, Europe, and elsewhere.

There are many conferences, symposiums, and events held to tell the world about what is going on in North Korea, and to put pressure on the North Korean regime.

There are many ways to support bringing about change in North Korea, but that fact that we are asking this question, to me,

means we have not searched hard enough. We have not searched hard enough; we have not done enough work that is necessary to be able to deal with this issue.