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Interviews with Shin Dong-hyuk

Interviewed March 4, 2024

China is very close politically to the North Korean regime with regard to the suffering of the people of North Korea.

I believe that China is just like the North Korean regime in the sense that they turn a blind eye to the suffering of North Koreans.

For example, the Chinese authorities actively seek out and arrest North Korean refugees in China and forcibly repatriate them back to North Korea.

In the case of prison camp escapees or other high ranking, important officials that may have crossed the river into China the Chinese government actively seeks these people out, arrests them, and notifies and actually cooperates with the North Korean government, and forces their repatriation.

In that sense, China does not really care about the people of North Korea.

After crossing into China, after some time, I ended up working for Chinese citizens, but I constantly feared being found out, arrested, and repatriated.