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Interviews with Mohsen Sazegara

Interviewed February 4, 2010

I have seen during last 15 month that the girls in Iran, the brave girls, Iranian girls are more active than boys. The brave women of Iran are at the first front of any demonstration. And the– the real army of the Freedom Movement in Iran are women of Iran.

So this is the reason that sometimes I say that in– in next regime of Iran a secular regime, the first President should be a woman. Naturally it will be a woman because– these are the women which are more active than men and the– they deserve it…

The women are more active because, first of all, they have been under suppression more than men during last 30 years. And the– because of the religious rulership of Iran and they– backward I can say, they medieval– religious orders– the women have become– the– you know, the– the second-hand citizens of Iran.

So naturally they fight for their– their rights more than men because their rights have been– abused more than men. But besides to that, I– I think that– as you know– you know– Iran in– in– in Iran universities, 62 percent of the students are women– are– are girls.

And they´re more educated than boys sometimes. They are– and, you know, new generation in Iran that– are– more educated, more concerned, and they´re more active– for– modernity, for new road, modern road. And, so, you know, in any freedom movement like Green Movement naturally they are more active than boys.

So this– this is a very, very good signal in– from the society of Iran, you know, because the women are the mothers of the society, and the next generation will be grown up by these brave and knowledge– knowledgeable women. So it´s a very, very good signal for the first time from the society of Iran.