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Interviews with Mohsen Sazegara

Interviewed February 4, 2010

I posted some of the Farsi translations of some good books and articles about nonviolent movements, for instance, from Dictatorship to Democracy written by Gene Sharp, which is translated to Farsi or Anti-Coup written by Gene Sharp.

One of the best books which is 50 Points About Nonviolent Struggle, nonviolent movement [Nonviolent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points] is written by three leaders of Serbia, student organization. It´s like the dummy books– better to say nonviolence for dummies. And it has been translated to Farsi by the Freedom House in a very good Farsi translation. I can say very skillful translator has translated this book to Farsi.

And some other books, gradually so far I have attached to daily program, ten books and articles. Unfortunately we don´t have anymore in English. And these days I´m working on the Letters From Prison written by Adam Michnik. Because I think that the Polish experience, solidarity experience is really useful for Iran´s struggle because they were quite different from the other eastern Europe countries. They fought with the Stalinist regime more than ten years and they are quite different from Velvet Revolution that you are in just in two or three weeks or two or three month, you know, the regime collapsed.

And during last nine month, every night I have taped ten minutes on video explaining the experiences of other countries, some news, very brief news, assessments every night and discussing about the tactics, the actions, nonviolent actions, informing the people. I post it on my website, YouTube, my Facebook pages, tweet it on twitter.

And totally 14 people, including my son and my wife are helping me voluntarily from all around the world, most of them are students, you know, prepare this every day, ten minutes on video with the text because they write on whatever I say. Twenty-four hours later, it´s ready and it will be up, it´s attached to the next day program. And this is what I´m– it takes about four to five hours per day for me.