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Interviews with Mohsen Sazegara

Interviewed February 4, 2010

The first – big demonstration happened – on Monday, three days after the election day. June 15 – if I´m not wrong. And 3.5 million people came to the streets and– they– they– they made it silent demonstration. Nobody shouted anything. Just as a protest, they started to just march on the streets without saying anything.

Because– not Mousavi and Karoubi, but – many activists – invited the people for non-violent actions. For peaceful resistance. Peaceful protestors. And after that– you know, two big – demonstrations in that week. But – on Friday praying, the leaders started to threat the nation, and said that, “I don´t tolerate anymore. Everybody should go home.” And because that the day after, that Saturday – again was a demonstration on the streets, they opened fire to the people.

That´s the day that Nidal Sultan was killed. And – anyway, our estimation shows that totally we have lost about 200 lives on the streets. And – the prisoners toll is about 15,000. Some of them are released, but still we have about something between 4,000 to 5,000 prisoners in jail.

That was the strategy of regime. I mean, to create fear. And the strategy of the movement was to delegitimize the regime first, keep the unity of the opposition, stay on the non-violent tactics, and – after street protests – enough street protests, then going for the other tactics of non-violent movements.