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Interviews with Mohsen Sazegara

Interviewed February 4, 2010

The government has used the technology, the new technology– in two ways. First, they have used these– these technologies, too. I mean, I´m sure that, you know, for instance, the cameras which are– the traffic cameras in Tehran, which are everywhere, was– and it´s a control room was used by Revolutionary Guard to control the protests in Tehran– in Tehran. Or for their own communications as well.

But the other part of– use of the new technologies was– was right on the other side. I mean, filtering the websites– slowing down the internet speed in Iran, and the– the cyber army of Revolutionary Guard. This is the name of the division in– special division in Revolutionary Guard, which was formed– with $500 million budget. I don´t know how much they have spent so far.

But to– confront the movement, the cyber part of the movement, they started to attack the websites, for instance. My website was attacked by cyber arm of Iran, and once it was toppled down. They– they– you know– took it over.

So the government has used new technologies, and as far as we know, they have hired some experts from outside Iran as well, some hackers from Brazil, from China, some– yeah, some experts from– some Russia companies. And– and some Iranians. They started to use the new technologies to confront the new technologies.