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Interviews with Kim Seong Min

Interviewed June 23, 2024

In North Korea there is propaganda against Christianity starting from elementary school and in middle school. So the North Korean people are raised with this belief and are terrified of Christianity and US missionaries. They were also told that the South Korean Christians were responsible in going to war with the North Korean people since they can speak English. Since religion is forbidden in North Korea, the North Korean people do not have anything to compare with about Christianity or any other religion. So when I came to China and then to South Korea, it was then when I found out the true meaning of the cross for myself and about Christianity.

I realized that I was ignorant. So when I first came to South Korea, people would ask me if there were underground churches in North Korea and I always answered no. But there is a staff member at my radio station who is a female defector from North Korea. She told me that her grandparents and her father and mother are Christian believers and participate in an underground church in North Korea. This was how I found out that there are underground churches in North Korea. There are indigenous groups of Christians in North Korea.

There are also defectors who learned about Christianity in China but got sent back to North Korea and continue to practice their faith. This movement is becoming more active in North Korea thanks to the support of the US and South Korean missionary organizations.