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Interviews with Kang Chol-hwan

Interviewed January 6, 2010

We use balloons to distribute leaflets, which is the most common method that we use to send information into North Korea. But there are other methods that we use such as distributing radios in the North Korean-China border. We are receiving more help with the use of electric devices for information. We distribute a lot of mp3’s and we can store a lot of information there. Also we use radios so both of them are very useful. Nowadays we are using more of mp4’s because we can store video clips and audio files. We can send more information using more visual information.

We are now circulating a lot of Western videos in North Korea. And because of cell phones we can share information by sending and receiving information. And these are the types of methods that we use to help us change the way North Korea is. The North Korean regime is making threats against us.

I am a target of these North Korean threats and of course there is anxiety that I experience. But we know that the North Korean people are watching us and cheering us on and by knowing this we can overcome these fears of intimidation. We know that what we are doing and how we do it with the North Korean society, they will experience change from within. So the harder we push, the harder we will try.