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Interviews with Jose Ramos-Horta

Interviewed January 8, 2010

These are terror tactics that you use on civilians of the other side, hoping that the– the other side would panic and– leave. Well, we never agreed with that. Never once in 24 years of our struggle, the leadership of the movement ever instructed our– military or our– cadres to go and attack Indonesian civilians.

So, we were completely against any act of terrorism inside the country or outside the country. Had we done that, like some extremist groups in the Middle East, for instance, or in Sri Lanka like the Tamil Tigers– did for many years– I do not believe we would be free today. We would add only to our weakness– by resorting to extremist tactics. But not only that. How can– one– s– sleep at night in conscience, you know– in tranquility with our conscience when you know that you had just been part of– terrorizing civilian– population?