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Interviews with Jose Ramos-Horta

Interviewed January 8, 2010

The U.S. Congress– particularly some members– both Republicans and Democrats– were among our most effective– friends– all in charge organizations. You know, one of the institution– that the most to– effectively supported us over the years was the U.S. Bishops´ Conference. More than any other Catholic group anywhere in the world, it was the U.S. Bishops´ Conference that was more vocal.

And– periodically, whenever we needed that support, pressure on the U.S. Administration or Congress to take action, we would have– some prominent members of the Church in the U.S., particularly the head of the Catholic Bishops´ Conference, write into the president or secretary of state, members of Congress. So, we gradually, slowly build a great network of supporters, friends– from people– demonstrating in the streets to people who– normally would not demonstrate in the streets but would write letters, would make a phone call to the U.S. president or to the secretary of state. So– that´s how– we turn our– smallness as a small country, small people– we´re less than a million– without any– country really supporting us– in– any effective way– we turn that into a strength.