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Interviews with Jose Ramos-Horta

Interviewed January 8, 2010

Our movement had, like all other movements in the past and the current, its strengths and its weaknesses. One weakness that was– rampant in Timor-Leste, but also prevailing in many other– situations, is lack of unity. We had– a lot of– conflicts within the movement, starting precisely in 1975 with a civil war.

But then even after the invasion, we– the Indonesian troops were roaming the country with fighting raging on. We in FRETILIN, we didn´t resist and there were a lot of divisions with executions– defections and so on. Their strengths is on– in the people. And the people were– very resilient. The Timorese, always very resilient. Their strengths lie in the people´s sense of dignity, of pride, that they would never– accept to be colonize by yet another foreign power.