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Interviews with Abdel Basset Ben Hassen

Interviewed December 10, 2023

Human rights is an endless program of work, we cannot say that human rights– that one day a country or people can achieve all human rights. Human rights is a kind of work in progress, it´s a kind of challenge. And the development of human rights practice and theory demonstrated that we always discover new rights, we develop new ideas about how to protect our dignity and our life. I think that I am confident about the future of our country. I think that we´re all working now to develop a sustainable democratic transformation.

We have many, many opportunities and also many cultural and civic potential — these people in Tunisia, these people demonstrated the last months that we have kind of civic potential, that we can use this civic potential to establish a vibrant and sustainable democracy not only for Tunisia, but for all of the Arab countries. It will not be easy at all. We´ll go through many, many challenges, many difficulties. But I hope that we´ll succeed.