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Interviews with Abdel Aziz BelKhodja

Interviewed December 10, 2023

My name is Abdel Aziz BelKhodja. I´m Tunisian born in Carthage. The big Carthage of history. [Carthage was an ancient civilization located in what is now Tunisia from 650 BC to 146 BC, when it was conquered by the Roman Empire. Carthage controlled much of the Mediterranean.] And I´m a publisher and a writer. It´s more easy to publish himself. And since the revolution, I´m the– how do you say?

I am the leader of Republican Party. And we are in coalition in the Pole with some parties and some independent people and some organizations. [The Democratic Modernist Pole was a coalition of four political parties and several civic initiatives that formed for Tunisia’s constituent assembly elections in October 2011.] The Pole is a political organization, and in the Pole, we find four parties, and a lot of associations, and independent personalities, Tunisian independent, big personalities.