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"With the Freedom Collection, the Bush Institute will send a message to dissidents and underground preachers and political prisoners around the world: we hear your voice, and as you stand for your freedom, free people will stand with you." - George W. Bush, November 12, 2009

Crowd in Ukraine.

Our Mission

The Freedom Collection is a permanent archive of the struggle for human freedom and democracy around the world. Established by President Bush on November 12, 2009, the Freedom Collection works to extend the reach of human liberty around the world by promoting democracy, political freedom, and individual rights.

The Freedom Collection pursues the principles of human liberty by documenting the personal stories of men and women who have led or participated in freedom movements. Using video interviews, collected papers and other materials, the Freedom Collection strives to inspire and provide insight to the current generation of freedom advocates, and expands access to information and successful strategies for change. The Freedom Collection reinforces the moral and practical importance of supporting pro-democracy movements and remaining actively engaged in the world. It also preserves history as a tool for scholars, policy makers and students studying democratic movements.

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Interviews by Fernando "Lasama" de Araújo.
Fernando "Lasama" de Araújo
Country: East Timor
Interviews by Sally Sami.
Sally Sami
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Birtukan Midekssa.
Birtukan Midekssa
Country: Ethiopia
Interviews by Tutu Alicante.
Tutu Alicante
Country: Equatorial Guinea
Interviews by Ernesto Hernandez Busto.
Ernesto Hernandez Busto
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Václav Havel.
Vaclav Havel Photo
Václav Havel
Country: Czech Republic
Interviews by Albie Sachs.
Albie Sachs
Country: South Africa
Interviews by Ricardo Lagos.
Ricardo Lagos
Country: Chile
Interviews by Chen Guangcheng.
Chen Guangcheng
Country: China
Interviews by Ahn Myeong Chul.
Ahn Myeong Chul
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Kim Seung-chul.
Kim Seung-chul
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Wai Wai Nu.
Wai Wai Nu
Country: Burma
Interviews by Ji Seong-ho.
Ji Seong-ho
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Alejandrina García de la Riva.
Alejandrina García de la Riva
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Shin Dong-hyuk.
Shin Dong-hyuk
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Han Nam-su.
Han Nam-su
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Kim Kwang-jin.
Kim Kwang-jin
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Sarah Ben Behia.
Sarah Ben Behia
Country: Tunisia
Interviews by Max du Preez.
Max du Preez
Country: South Africa
Interviews by Arturo Pérez De Alejo Rodríguez.
Arturo Pérez De Alejo Rodríguez
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodriguez.
Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodriguez
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Berta Soler.
Berta Soler
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Bahey El Din Hassan.
Bahey El Din Hassan
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Jestina Mukoko.
Jestina Mukoko
Country: Zimbabwe
Interviews by Namees Arnous.
Namees Arnous
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Samar El Hussieny.
Samar El Hussieny
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Normando Hernández.
Normando Hernández
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Ariel Sigler Amaya.
Ariel Sigler Amaya
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Genaro Arriagada.
Genaro Arriagada
Country: Chile
Interviews by Sihem Bensedrine.
Sihem Bensedrine
Country: Tunisia
Interviews by Mahmoud Salem.
Mahmoud Salem
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Jose Luis Garcia Paneque.
Jose Luis Garcia Paneque
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Andrzej Celinski.
Andrzej Celinski
Country: Poland
Interviews by Andrzej Gwiazda and Joanna Duda-Gwiazda.
Andrzej Gwiazda and Joanna Duda-Gwiazda
Country: Poland
Interviews by Khin Lay.
Khin Lay
Country: Burma
Interviews by Mamphela Ramphele.
Mamphela Ramphele
Country: South Africa
Interviews by Manuel Vázquez Portal.
Manuel Vázquez Portal
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Pablo Pacheco Ávila.
Pablo Pacheco Ávila
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Bronislaw Wildstein.
Bronislaw Wildstein
Country: Poland
Interviews by Czeslaw Bielecki.
Czeslaw Bielecki
Country: Poland
Interviews by Zin Mar Aung.
Zin Mar Aung
Country: Burma
Interviews by Charm Tong.
Charm Tong
Country: Burma
Interviews by Frene Ginwala.
Frene Ginwala
Country: South Africa
Interviews by Horacio Julio Piña Borrego.
Horacio Julio Piña Borrego
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Abdel Basset Ben Hassen.
Abdel Basset Ben Hassen
Country: Tunisia
Interviews by Abdel Aziz BelKhodja.
Abdel Aziz BelKhodja
Country: Tunisia
Interviews by Doan View Hoat.
Doan View Hoat
Country: Vietnam
Interviews by Xiqiu "Bob" Fu.
Xiqiu "Bob" Fu
Country: China
Interviews by Ammar Abdulhamid.
Ammar Abdulhamid
Country: Syria
Interviews by Bogdan Borusewicz.
Bogdan Borusewicz
Country: Poland
Interviews by Zbigniew and Zofia Romaszewski.
Zbigniew and Zofia Romaszewski
Country: Poland
Interviews by Zied Mhirsi.
Zied Mhirsi
Country: Tunisia
Interviews by Vytautas Landsbergis.
Vytautas Landsbergis
Country: Lithuania
Interviews by Nima Rashedan.
Nima Rashedan
Country: Iran
Interviews by Dalai Lama.
Dalai Lama
Country: China
Interviews by Cristal Montañéz Baylor.
Cristal Montañéz Baylor
Country: Venezuela
Interviews by Ahmed Samih.
Ahmed Samih
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Roberto de Miranda.
Roberto de Miranda
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Bertha Antunez.
Bertha Antunez
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Carlos Alberto Montaner.
Carlos Alberto Montaner
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Ana Lazara Rodriguez.
Ana Lazara Rodriguez
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Claudio Jose Sandoval.
Claudio Jose Sandoval
Country: Venezuela
Interviews by Marcel Granier.
Marcel Granier
Country: Venezuela
Interviews by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Country: Liberia
Interviews by Saad Eddin Ibrahim.
Saad Eddin Ibrahim
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Mohsen Sazegara.
Mohsen Sazegara
Country: Iran
Interviews by Álvaro Varela Walker.
Álvaro Varela Walker
Country: Chile
Interviews by Kim Seong Min.
Kim Seong Min
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Mahmoud Afifi.
Mahmoud Afifi
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antúnez.
Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antúnez
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Fidel Suarez Cruz.
Fidel Suarez Cruz
Country: Cuba
Interviews by Lech Walesa.
Lech Walesa
Country: Poland
Interviews by Alberto Ricardo Da Silva.
Alberto Ricardo Da Silva
Country: East Timor
Interviews by Jose Ramos-Horta.
Jose Ramos-Horta
Country: East Timor
Interviews by Cheery Zahau.
Cheery Zahau
Country: Burma
Interviews by Wei Jingsheng.
Wei Jingsheng
Country: China
Interviews by Khin Ohmar.
Khin Ohmar
Country: Burma
Interviews by Min Yan Naing.
Min Yan Naing
Country: Burma
Interviews by Regis Iglesias Ramirez.
Regis Iglesias Ramirez
Country: Burma
Interviews by Ashin Issariya.
Ashin Issariya
Country: Burma
Interviews by Cynthia Maung.
Cynthia Maung
Country: Burma
Interviews by Radwan Ziadeh.
Radwan Ziadeh
Country: Syria
Interviews by Nora Younis.
Nora Younis
Country: Egypt
Interviews by Constâncio Pinto.
Constâncio Pinto
Country: East Timor
Interviews by Fang Zheng.
Fang Zheng
Country: China
Interviews by Martin Bútora.
Martin Bútora
Country: Slovakia
Interviews by Viktor Yushchenko.
Viktor Yushchenko
Country: Ukraine
Interviews by Park Sang Hak.
Park Sang Hak
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Kang Chol-hwan.
Kang Chol-hwan
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Karel Von Schwarzenberg.
Karel Von Schwarzenberg
Country: Czech Republic
Interviews by Sasha Vondra.
Sasha Vondra
Country: Czech Republic
Interviews by Rebiya Kadeer.
Rebiya Kadeer
Country: China
Interviews by Alejandro Toledo.
Alejandro Toledo
Country: Peru
Interviews by Rodrigo Diamanti.
Rodrigo Diamanti
Country: Venezuela
Interviews by Armando Valladares.
Armando Valladares
Country: Cuba

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