Striving for democratic freedom around the world

A Catalyst Conversation

What a strong American democracy means for the rest of the world.

In December 2023, the Associate Editor of The Catalyst, David Kagan, had an opportunity to sit down with a handful of democracy activists for a virtual conversation on the role of the United States as a beacon for free societies around the world. He was joined by Berta Valle, a Nicaraguan journalist, human rights activist, and vocal critic of the Ortega regime; Evan Mawarire, Director of Frontlines of Freedom at the Renew Democracy Initiative and Founder of the #ThisFlag movement in Zimbabwe; and Daryna Onyshko, a Ukrainian activist, the Youth Network Coordinator for the Community of Democracies, and the former President of the European Democracy Youth Network.

The Catalyst believes that ideas matter. We aim to stimulate debate on the most important issues of the day, featuring a range of arguments that are constructive, high-minded, and share our core values of freedom, opportunity, accountability, and compassion. To that end, we seek out ideas that may challenge us, and the authors’ views presented here are their own; The Catalyst does not endorse any particular policy, politician, or party.

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