• April 21 2022

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21 Apr 11:00 am - 21 Apr 11:45 am

Courage and Compassion: America's Leadership in Global Health

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the lessons learned for biomedical innovation to address public health challenges? Amid vaccine diplomacy efforts from Russia and China, why is American leadership so critical to address these challenges around the world? This panel will also reflect on the upcoming the 20th anniversary of PEPFAR and the millions of lives it has saved.


Dr. Deborah Birx
Senior Fellow, George W. Bush Institute; Former United States Global AIDS Coordinator & United States Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy

Stephen Hahn 
CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering; CEO, Harbinger Health

David J. Kramer (Moderator)
The Bradford M. Freeman Managing Director of Global Policy, George W. Bush Institute

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