• April 11 2019

    How entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and others are combining vision and action to address systemic challenges in a turbulent world.

11 Apr 8:25 pm - 11 Apr 8:40 pm

Awarding of the George W. Bush Medal for Distinguished Leadership to Bill and Melinda Gates

"Not only have they been unbelievably successful in the business world, but in my mind, more importantly, they're successful in the giving world.  They ascribe to belief that all life is precious, and that we're all God's children. And therefore when you see suffering, ignorance, bad health, that if you're in a position to do something about it, you have a moral obligation to do so." -President George W. Bush


Secretary Don Evans (Remarks)
Chairman, George W. Bush Foundation Board of Directors

George W. Bush (Remarks)
43rd President of the United States