For me, this is an opportunity to encourage and inspire future leaders, and I’m looking at a future president. I really believe that given encouragement, these graduates will continue to transform Burma.”

– President George W. Bush

Launched in the U.S. in 2014

79 participants to date from Burma

Aim: To educate and empower leaders who are spearheading the consolidation of democracy and free markets in transitional societies

Scholars have included former political prisoners, a member of parliament, journalists, doctors, educators, women's right advocates, and other emerging leaders in civil society

While Burma remains on the path to democracy, its destination is not yet guaranteed. The preparation of young leaders is critical to the country's long-term success. The Liberty and Leadership Program seeks to equip young democracy advocates with the knowledge and skills needed to serve as tomorrow’s political and civil leaders.

The contribution of my skills and knowledge in the work of my organization, the Border Consortium, which works to support food security and livelihood, has benefited ... at least 180,000 people in conflicted areas in southeast Burma/Myanmar and 100,000 refugees from Burma along Thai-Burma border.

– Nang Zarm Moun Hseng (LLP 2016)

Results & Highlights

The program received a net promoter score
(NPS) of 65.

Three Scholars are now members of Burma's democratically-elected parliament, one was elected after participating in LLP.


saw significant growth in their level of inspiration.


said their professional network is ideologically, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse.


reported at least some progress on the PLP at the end of the program.

95% believed their sense of confidence or purpose as a leader changed since the program started.

Young Leader Story:

May Zaw Naing

Being a Leader to Help a Country
Scholar Story:

Myo Myint Aung

Working Together for a Social Movement
Young Leader Story:

Yan Htaik Seng

Creating Change Rather than Waiting for It
Young Leader Story:

Aung Kyaw Moe

Working to Support Peacebuilding in Burma
Young Leader Story:

Htet Htet Oo

Empowering Youth through Education