North America
Competitiveness Scorecard

As the world becomes one big marketplace, countries and regions are pursuing regional economic integration to increase their global competitiveness. Today, North America is the most economically competitive region in the world. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is the framework for our regional economic strength, but the U.S. approach to renegotiating NAFTA is creating cracks in its strong foundation. As we did twenty-five years ago, the NAFTA partners have an opportunity to secure our competitive edge for the long-term. Explore the data to learn how North America leads the world in economic competitiveness.

Why Create a Scorecard?

The George W. Bush Institute created the North America Competitiveness Scorecard as a tool to compare the competitive position of the United States, Canada, and Mexico as a region relative to other major economic regions and countries with large economies. The Scorecard provides the opportunity to see at a glance how well North America—country by country and collectively—is performing in the global economy.

We hope the results will help focus policy attention on ways that the North American partners can work together to compete more effectively in the global marketplace while negotiating an upgrade to their own framework for integration. The Scorecard enables users to compare any countries they wish, look at economic data over time, and examine the economic performance of entire regions. Regional comparisons will become more important going forward as countries pursue deeper economic integration within and across regions.

About the Data