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Mayors' Report Card on Education

A straightforward collection of comparable data at the district and city level to help mayors and parents better engage in their city's education landscape

Report by By the George W. Bush Institute January 21, 2015

Though education data is frequently collected and aggregated at the state level, data is rarely synthesized across cities. The Mayors’ Report Card, based on key topics in education and compiled by the Bush Institute’s Education Reform Initiative, looks at 33 cities across the nation and presents the information for policy-makers and parents in an easy-to-use and illustrated format.

The data describes indicators including: a high-quality education for every student; supported pathways to college and career; early childhood education that prepares students for the classroom; and effective educators and principals.

The Mayors’ Report Card is presented as a starting point for compiling available data from multiple sources, understanding what is found in the data, and helping inform mayors and city leaders about what is needed to help prepare all students for success in college and the workforce.