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Leadership in Action: Developing Leaders for the 21st Century

We have had 779 participants to date in our four leadership development programs — Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS), WE Lead, the Liberty and Leadership Program (LLP), and the Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program (VLP) — and our Team 43 Sports program. We have carefully measured the results across all of our leadership programs and are proud of the results.

August 1, 2020
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Leadership is an essential, often underrepresented, component that drives social change and builds communities. When strong, compassionate servant leaders are at the helm, their efforts are far more impactful and sustainable.

Effective leaders are important in every aspect of society. Whether it’s school principals working to improve student achievement, first ladies using their platform to solve challenges, or young leaders in a transitioning democracy, leadership is critical in all societies.

Developing and supporting effective leaders is central to the work of the Bush Institute; since its founding in 2009, we have helped develop leaders around the world. Our leadership development program are focused on different audiences and issues but share an integrated set of programmatic components:

  • A diverse network of peers
  • Access to exceptional leaders and resources Personal leadership projects
  • A core leadership development curriculum Inspiration through exposure

Graduates of each program take part in an active alumni network, benefit from ongoing connections across classes and programs, and maintain continued association with the Bush Institute. Each program invests heavily in measurement and evaluation to prove and improve its impact and value over time.

Because the Bush Institute aims to continue the work that President and Mrs. Bush began during their time in public service, leadership is a vital element in all of the initiatives we’ve developed. This report describes the purpose, approach, and outcomes associated with each of the Bush Institute’s leadership programs.