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Bush Center Briefing: February 2017

February 27, 2017 5 minute Read
This month's issue of the bi-monthly Bush Center Briefing takes a look at Presidential Leadership Scholars, lessons learned in the Bush Institute's Middle School Matters, and the opening of the North Korea Refugee Freedom Scholarship.

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To execute upon our mission of developing leaders, advancing policy, and taking action to address today’s most pressing challenges, the Bush Center is excited to start a new year with proposals that speak to contemporary issues. In the first two weeks of 2017 alone, we published six sets of policy recommendations for the new administration and Congress to consider.

You can read those in the News & Articles section of this Bush Center Briefing. Likewise, you can read how our third class of Presidential Leadership Scholars is poised to make significant impact across the country and how we are launching a college scholarship program for North Korean refugees and immigrants living legally in the United States. In addition, we highlight here our work in education reform where high-quality research can help educators best reach middle school students.

At the same time, we are pleased to unveil a calendar of engaging Bush Center events. I, for one, can't wait to hear President George W. Bush tell the stories behind the veterans in his new book, Portraits of Courage.

I appreciate the opportunity to showcase the great work that our world-class team is doing here at the Bush Center to change and save lives as well as engage the public in meaningful ways.

Stay tuned for many developments in each of these areas this year.

-- Kenneth Hersh, President and CEO of the George W. Bush Presidential Center



Next week, the Bush Center (in partnership with the presidential centers of William J. Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon Baines Johnson) will launch its third Presidential Leadership Scholars class. The Scholars will start with an intense discussion on leadership across the country. Our hope through this program is that civility guides our debates as we face the complicated challenges of today.
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The George W. Bush Institute began the Middle School Matters (MSM) initiative in 2010 with the goal of increasing the number of students who are prepared for high school and post-secondary success. Six years into this project, we have produced an in-depth look at what we have learned. Lessons Learned From the Middle School Initiative shares what we know about creating and implementing this unique program.
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More than 400 North Koreans have resettled in the United States legally since President George W. Bush signed the North Korea Human Rights Act in 2004. Studies commissioned by the George W. Bush Institute show that most have adjusted well. Still, education costs make it hard to advance professionally. That discovery has prompted the Bush Institute to establish the North Korea Refugee Freedom Scholarship program.
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This week, the Bush Center announced our spring lineup of Engage events. The Hamilton panel discussion is sold out (it will be live streamed). For the Portraits of Courage event, auditorium seats are sold out, but we are happy to offer overflow seating along with a special program for that room. The Engage lineup also features what is sure to be a compelling author event with Bill Browder. Remember, Bush Center members receive first notice of Engage events. Become a member here, so you don’t miss out.
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