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The U.S. Must Continue to Support Democracy Abroad

The Bush Institute's Kelly and David Pfeil Fellow, Nicole Bibbins Sedaca, sits down with Christopher Walsh, the Bush Institute's Human Freedom and Women's Initiative Senior Program Manager, to discuss how the U.S. can strengthen democracy at home while also supporting it abroad.

Article by Nicole Bibbins Sedaca and Christopher Walsh February 24, 2021 //   1 minute read

January 6 put American democratic weaknesses on display, and some critics claimed that the U.S. should no longer advocate for democracy abroad. In response, The Bush Institute Kelly and David Pfeil Fellow, Nicole Bibbins Sedaca, wrote an op-ed for The Hill urging the U.S. to continue to support democracy overseas despite our imperfect system at home. Bibbins Sedaca sits down with the Bush Institute's Chris Walsh to discuss the op-ed in more detail.